Dubai Municipality launches ‘Run Your Project’ awareness series to empower citizens in residential construction journey

Dubai, UAE, May 01, 2024:

Dubai Municipality launched the inaugural session of its pioneering awareness series themed, ‘Run Your Project’, designed to empower citizens with residential plots and those embarking on home construction journeys. This initiative underscores Dubai Municipality’s commitment to facilitating and streamlining the housing construction process while prioritizing customer satisfaction and happiness.

The sessions aim to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge about the entire journey of housing construction, including guidance on leveraging municipal services effectively at every stage. The sessions cover various aspects such as plot allocation, consultant, and contractor selection procedures, building permit issuance, project commencement, construction progress, and service provision upon completion.

The sessions further seek to raise awareness about the rights and responsibilities of all involved parties, aiming to prevent delays, conflicts, or unexpected expenses during construction projects. Additionally, this initiative is in line with the Government of Dubai’s directives to educate property owners on contemporary construction techniques, emphasizing their advantages such as cost and time savings, as well as access to innovative designs.

During the interactive session, Dubai Municipality highlighted the most prominent services it provides, including periodic home audit, construction audit, completion certificate issuance, technical evaluation, and consideration of technical observations.

The Municipality will continue the series with the remaining five awareness sessions scheduled to take place in phases during the coming months to achieve its objectives by raising awareness of owners’ rights, duties, and responsibilities.

Dubai Municipality recently launched the ‘Building in Dubai’ platform, which offers a range of services to property owners. This platform enables them to track the progress of their projects, access model consulting and contracting agreements for villas, receive construction consultant guidance and obtain evaluations of engineering consulting offices and registered contracting companies within the Municipality.


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