“Dubai’s real estate market is poised for continued growth in 2024.” : Saleem Karsaz, Managing Partner & Group CEO, Aeon & Trisl Real Estate Brokers

  1. Dubai is all set to break all previous records in terms of total value of transactions in a year. What are the major reasons for this exceptional growth, according to you?

The exceptional growth in Dubai’s real estate market can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, the city’s strategic geographic location continues to attract investors from around the world. Additionally, Dubai’s commitment to innovation and infrastructure development, exemplified by projects like Expo 2020, has instilled confidence in investors. Furthermore, the government’s pro-business policies and efforts to diversify the economy have created a conducive environment for real estate investments. Overall, a combination of favorable economic conditions, visionary projects, and investor-friendly policies has contributed to the remarkable surge in the total value of transactions.

2. Year 2022 was great and 2023 so far has been nothing but magical. What’s your prediction for 2024? How willl the Dubai real estate market fare?

As we’ve witnessed the positive trajectory in 2022 and the magical atmosphere in 2023, I believe Dubai’s real estate market is poised for continued growth in 2024. The city’s ability to adapt and innovate, coupled with ongoing infrastructure projects, will likely sustain investor interest. I anticipate that sectors such as hospitality, technology-driven developments, and sustainable real estate will be prominent in shaping the market landscape. However, it’s crucial to monitor global economic trends and geopolitical factors, as they can influence the market dynamics. Overall, my outlook for 2024 is optimistic, with Dubai maintaining its position as a dynamic and attractive real estate destination.

3. What are the next steps your company is planning to take in 2024 to propel the growth?

In 2024, our company is committed to building on the momentum of success and contributing to the growth of the Dubai real estate sector. We plan to focus on leveraging emerging technologies to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. Collaborations with key industry players, both local and international, will be a priority to explore new opportunities and strengthen our market position. Additionally, we aim to diversify our portfolio by exploring innovative real estate segments and expanding our geographical reach. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction remains unwavering, and we look forward to playing a proactive role in the continued development of Dubai’s real estate market.


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