RDC collaborates with DIB to maximise societal impact of Zakat funds

  • The collaboration involves charitable and humanitarian efforts to ensure the smooth delivery of aid to beneficiaries

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 12 November 2023: The Rental Disputes Centrer (RDC), the judicial arm of Dubai Land Department (DLD), and Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) signed a memorandum of understanding, whereby DIB will offer financial support from its Zakat funds to the RDC, fostering innovation and development in community work.

Under the terms of the agreement, DIB will extend financial support to the RDC for asset-based distribution to eligible individuals. Furthermore, the bank will provide technical assistance, empowering the centre to execute programmes and projects stemming from this partnership.

His Excellency Judge Abdulqader Mousa, Chairman of the RDC, said, “As part of our commitment to enhancing partnerships that serve the community, particularly the deserving categories for financial support, we are pleased to enter into this collaboration with DIB. This collaboration will undoubtedly contribute to maximising the societal impact of Zakat funds, innovating effective methods and approaches for their optimal distribution to beneficiaries, as well as supporting related projects. This step reinforces the sustainable cooperation between Dubai’s government and banking sectors, embodying the emirate’s commitment to social work and achieving comprehensive development.”

The partnership between the two entities entails the RDC reviewing humanitarian assistance requests forwarded by Dubai Islamic Bank. After conducting the required procedures to ascertain a case’s eligibility, the RDC will furnish the bank with a case report; it can also submit a support request for a new initiative. Per the agreement, the Internal Sharia Supervisory Committee at the General Administration of the Rental Disputes Center in Dubai will be the authorised body for issuing Zakat fatwas and resolving Sharia-related issues between the parties.

Dubai Islamic Bank’s management expressed its deep appreciation for this partnership, recognising its significant impact in alleviating the plight of insolvent individuals who have found themselves in difficult situations, particularly those facing imprisonment due to rental disputes in Dubai. The bank lauded the Rental Disputes Center’s dedicated efforts to serve the community, reflecting the leadership’s commitment to charitable and humanitarian endeavours and promoting cooperation and solidarity among community members.

The bank’s leadership warmly welcomed this noble initiative and collaborative effort with the center, embodying philanthropy’s values and helping those in need, demonstrating a commitment to assisting individuals in overcoming their challenges and upholding the principles of solidarity and social responsibility.

Dubai Islamic Bank commits to innovating new methods to advance charitable and humanitarian efforts. The bank seeks to facilitate aid delivery to beneficiaries with ease, preserving their dignity and maximising the impact on those in need. Additionally, the bank endeavours to collaborate seamlessly with charitable and humanitarian institutions that share the same goals, especially those in Dubai. This includes building cooperative relationships, executing joint initiatives focused on charitable and humanitarian work, and striving to maximise societal impact.


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