Award Winning Developer R.Evolution Launches an exquisite Experience Centre for their latest project EYWA, showcasing the concept of ‘Wild Luxury’

Wellness & Urban Luxury Living come together in a natural environment to induce positive energy

Dubai, UAE, 01 November, 2023: R.Evolution, the globally renowned luxury real estate developer, announces the launch of their state-of-the-art Sales Suite & EYWA Experience Centre, located in the heart of DIFC’s Burj Daman. Renowned for their 23 remarkable developments worldwide, R.Evolution is building its 24th property in the United Arab Emirates with the revolutionary EYWA. This sets the standards for a unique concept of ‘Wild Luxury‘ that promises to redefine the future of urban living in Dubai – in the most natural & organic ways. 

The Experience Centre offers audiences an immersive glimpse into the innovative way of living that EYWA stands for – Energy, Youthfulness, Wellbeing and Ancient Knowledge. It is the first of its kind development to ever be seen in Dubai. Visitors will be able to touch, feel and experience the complete residences as it promises to be – true to the quality, uniqueness and elements that will adorn the finished apartments. A captivating 360-degree virtual journey will showcase the stand-out features and give a glimpse of the building’s curated facilities including the wellness-inspired lobby, spa, sauna, library, private waterfalls, pools and gardens, unique flying tree facade, playgrounds, office and workspaces – providing an experience that truly transports them inside the EYWA residences.

In the Experience Centre, guests will get to invoke each of their 6 senses, from touch, to smell and sound, as they come alive for a truly unique experience as expected in EYWA. The natural elements of fire, water, air will also be brought to life, so people can experience a way of living that’s organic, vivid, and imaginative. This will truly enrich their soul, health, and well-being

Alex Zagrebelny, Chairman & CEO of R.Evolution, shares his passion about the unique concept behind  EYWA and how the Experience Centre brings alive the concept of Wild Luxury. He emphasises the pioneering eco-friendly architecture and its commitment to sustainability initiatives. The Experience Centre allows visitors to envision the integration of various the wellness elements into the design, promoting a wholesome and balanced lifestyle. From sleeping better to ensuring the best flow and usage of the water system, every aspect of EYWA has been thought through with the goal of wellness and elevated living. 

He comments, “The EYWA Experience Centre welcomes you to a first-hand view of the next revolutionary generation of 21st century buildings. Here you can immerse yourself in the exclusive world of EYWA, experiencing firsthand, the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design principles that set us apart. Here at the Experience Centre, you will witness what EYWA is all about – a building-guardian, a building-guru, a building-game changer in real-estate that uses ancient knowledge, combined with modern technologies to bring revolutionary architecture to Dubai. You will realise our passion for wellness and our commitment to sustainability that EYWA creates through the interactive residence we have created here for all to witness.” 

EYWA presents itself as an exclusive boutique building featuring a meticulously curated selection of 48 apartments. Ranging from 2 to 5 bedrooms, with the addition of two penthouses, EYWA provides residents with versatile living spaces that prioritise their well-being. The building fosters a natural environment and promotes positive energy, ensuring a harmonious community experience. The extraordinary architecture of EYWA finds its inspiration in the mesmerizing tree of life – the Banyan tree, as well as the awe-inspiring Southern Pillar of Heaven, a renowned quartz sandstone mountain in China. 

Drawing inspiration from Vastu Shastra, a holistic concept that integrates science, art, astrology, and astronomy to enhance wealth, health, prosperity, and happiness, EYWA incorporates 1,450 carefully selected crystals, gemstones, and geodes into its structure. This unique architectural feature serves as a “well-being generator,” purifying the environment and emanating positive energy throughout the building. The installation of these crystals is a pioneering effort, being used in design for the first time in 2000 years in modern architecture. These will bring numerous benefits to residents, including conflict reduction, increased concentration, and the promotion of mental and physical good health. EYWA is also LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum certified, to ensure sustainable development, provide a healthy environment and enhance well-being of its residents. 

EYWA stands as an unparalleled testament to architectural innovation, seamlessly blending nature, sustainability, and artistic vision. 

For further information and to experience the EYWA first-hand, visit the Experience Zone located in DIFC’s Burj Daman, or call for private tours and appointments on +971 54 3086000


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