Sharjah Sustainable City reports strong sales performance in H1 2023

Launched at Acres 2023, the 4th and final phase of the project follows an overwhelming response to its first three phases, as the first two comprising 604 spacious and modern villas are now fully sold out, and only limited availability remains in phase 3 with 90 percent of villas now sold.
Offering desirable 3-bedroom villas starting from AED 1.7 million, 35 percent of the 324 units available in phase 4 have already been purchased since its launch in May, with further interest registered.
The strong sales performance has been driven by a deep understanding of the UAE real estate market, offering residents a unique and exclusive experience that combines eco-friendly features, modern amenities, and a thriving community. With gorgeous designs, spacious layouts, and cutting-edge smart home and energy management technologies, properties in Sharjah Sustainable City offer the best of both worlds – an attractive and future-proof investment that also offers sustainable way of living and a high quality of life.
Commenting on the project’s success, Yousif Ahmed Al Mutawa, Chief Executive Officer of Sharjah Sustainable City, said, “The overwhelming success of Sharjah Sustainable City reflects our commitment to offering desirable properties with excellent amenities for an attractive price, as well as a shift in appetite towards green homes with eco-conscious customers who are looking to integrate sustainable living practices into every aspect of their lifestyles. The warm reception we have received in Sharjah’s real-estate market demonstrates that investors and homebuyers in the UAE now expect far more from their property purchases than just a living space – they desire a way of living that is compatible with the needs and aspirations of future generations to come.”
One of the city’s most significant milestones of 2022 was the complete handover of Phase 1 to homeowners, marking the city’s transition from a real estate project into an active community, with hundreds of families now enjoying their new sustainable homes and the many benefits they offer – both environmental and economical.
This milestone coincided with the launch of a sustainable community engagement programme by the project’s management team designed to encourage an entirely sustainable way of life, educating residents on everything related to eco-friendly living, including urban farming, landscaping, local wildlife, biodiversity, waste reduction and recycling and more.
The programme kicked off in February with the “Discover Your Urban Farm” initiative introducing Sharjah Sustainable City’s residents to urban farming with access to Agri Pods on which they can grow their own plants or vegetables. This was then followed by initiatives highlighting local wildlife, the importance of waste segregation and recycling.
The project is working with its residents towards creating a Net-Zero community that offers an aspirational lifestyle in harmony with the well-being of future generations.


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