Sharjah’s Real Estate Sector Business Group holds 1st meeting after being restructured

The Representative Committee of the Real Estate Sector Business Group, operating under the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), has organised its first meeting after being restructured to discuss the latest developments within the emirate’s real estate sector and explore new ways to improve work processes.

Led by Chairman Saeed Ghanem Al Suwaidi, the meeting was attended by committee members and Obaid Abdul Rahman Al-Mazloum, Director of the Real Estate Projects Organization Department at the Real Estate Registration Department. Attendees emphasised their commitment to achieving the committee’s objectives, which include enhancing communication with investors and government entities as well as identifying opportunities and challenges within the real estate sector amid Sharjah’s urban growth. The meeting also sought to bolster economic performance by introducing effective programs designed to strengthen real estate activity across the emirate.

The gathering also discussed the latest preparations for organising the Sharjah Real Estate Exhibition “ACRES,” which is jointly organised by the Sharjah Chamber, represented by the Representative Committee of the Real Estate Sector Business Group, and the Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department at Expo Centre Sharjah from May 25th to 28th. In addition, the attendees addressed several topics related to the committee’s progress, plans, projects, and proposed activities for the upcoming phase. Saeed Ghanem Al Suwaidi expressed his gratitude to the Sharjah Chamber for its support of the committee and its efforts to launch constructive initiatives and overcome challenges facing investors and professionals in the real estate sector.

He emphasised the committee’s and its members’ dedication to enhancing their performance during this new tenure, in line with Sharjah’s comprehensive development. Al Suwaidi stressed the importance of boosting the real estate sector’s gains within the emirate and its contribution to the GDP to support development plans, while also highlighting the committee’s commitment to effectively representing the largest segment of real estate professionals in the emirate. The Chamber’s sectoral business groups play a crucial role in enhancing communication with relevant government agencies. These groups contribute significantly to the Chamber’s efforts to serve the business community and develop its various sectors by assessing each sector’s status, identifying opportunities and challenges, and finding ways to address them. Furthermore, they seek to improve economic performance by launching effective programs and initiatives that support the sectors and encourage investment.


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