Saned in 2022 contributes to sustainability of Sharjah projects

Sultan Musabah Al Ketbi, CEO of the Saned Integrated Facilities Management Company, said that the level of wastewater treatment for the real estate sector at Sharjah Asset Management Holding Company’s sewage treatment plant reached 182,500,000 litres annually, at an estimated cost of AED1.8 million. The wastewater treatment plant owned by Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, is strategically located in Souq Al Haraj. Al Ketbi explained that the water treatment plant initiative is one of the green initiatives offered by Saned to its clients through its integrated expertise and technologies, which have helped achieve the sustainability of buildings and maintained international standards for green buildings. Since the plant’s inauguration in 2016 and strategic partnership with the management of Souq Al Haraj, Saned has successfully saved more than 2.2 billion litres of water, equivalent to AED12.6 million, which was diverted for use in agriculture, irrigation and construction. It now aims to increase the plant’s capacity by 250 percent. “Saned Integrated Facilities Management works in accordance with the highest international standards set in the industry. We keep our facilities up-to-date with the newest modern technologies and methods that help save and manage energy to reduce overall waste. We have supervised and overseen facilities management in Souq Al Jubail since 2015. We are keen to strategically manage energy usage and expenditure for the market through various operational procedures and the use of modern technologies, such as maintaining air conditioners periodically, which helps reduce energy consumption within natural limits and increases life expectancy for air conditioning systems. We also promote using energy-saving metal and sodium halide lamps,” Al Ketbi said. The modern building management system connects all buildings with electronic devices to manage and monitor equipment with ease. All equipment, such as fresh air handling units, HVAC systems, pumps and the chiller management system, are conveniently synced to the main system to monitor and modify internal temperatures in the area, he added. Cold water control is also done through this system, achieving low energy consumption, he further added. Saned has also installed electronic receivers linked to the outside of buildings and monitors external weather patterns to help with frequency control to adjust internal power and reduce consumption. Al Ketbi said that the adoption of these standards and the use of these technologies for facilities management in Souq Al Jubail have helped save more than 10 percent on energy consumption bills per month. Saned is now working diligently to reach 20 percent energy savings, a 200 percent rise over current savings. Saned is involved in integrated facilities management, public and private care services facilities, technical project management in construction, and other areas related to health, safety and the environment. Its strategies include fire prevention, environmental health and safety inspection and training, and security systems integration, which are routinely utilised to maximise the efficiency of systems and help reduce energy consumption.


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