ZāZEN Properties; Dubai’s off-plan segment is fueling UAE real estate success

ZāZEN Properties, a leading sustainable property developer in the UAE, cites that Dubai’s real estate
market has continued to showcase post-pandemic resilience by recording sales transactions worth AED
30.5 billion in November. The homegrown brand recently launched off-plan sales for its newest project,
ZāZEN Gardens in Al Furjan, and explains how the industry’s best monthly performance since 2011 has
been fueled by rising interest in off-plan projects.
Last month, Dubai registered a 58.5% year-on-year increase in real estate transactions with 10,941 sales,
compared to 6,905 deals in November of last year. This growth has been spearheaded by the off-plan
sector’s record-breaking performance; a shortage of good quality ready-to-live-in developments has
seen Dubai’s under-construction segment[2] transact over AED 12.7 billion for the first time in a decade,
reflecting an 87.1% increase with nearly double the AED 6.8 billion value registered in the same month
last year. Dubai has attracted 4,000 high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), the largest number of any
country in the world this year. This is adding to the nearly 70,000 millionaires that currently reside in the
metropolitan city and are looking to secure real estate assets in desirable locations. Furthermore, with
the Qatar World Cup creating an influx of tourism to GCC states, many of the visitors transiting in the
UAE are viewing off-plan purchases as an ideal investment opportunity.
With off-plan properties costing almost 20% less than readymade units, the vast benefits it provides are
highly appealing. Prior to handover, such projects can be customized to some extent during the
construction process, upon authority approval, flipped for a profit before construction is complete, and
works as an alternative investment, to diversify one’s portfolio, with its lower buying price and ability to
facilitate extra cash flow, than that of readymade developments. Madhav Dhar, co-founder, and COO of
ZāZEN Properties commented: “Convenient payment structures, a wide selection of properties to
choose from, and several other benefits have seen off-plan developments garner attention as of late.
The momentum is projected to continue through 2026 with construction expected to grow by nearly 4%
thanks to UAE’s global position as a safe haven and the Government’s drive to expand the
manufacturing and industrial sectors, requiring a larger workforce. Whether you’re an investor who is
looking to live in a unit upon completion, rent it out, or capitalise on your investment at a later date, off-
plan properties have proven themselves to be excellent investments.” Last year’s COP27 conference saw
the UAE pledge to increase their emission cuts from 23.5% to 31% to achieve an 18% reduction by 2030
and a 60% reduction by 2040. This is now helping spur demand for sustainable real estate and ZāZEN
Properties’ latest project, ZāZEN Gardens, the first LEED Gold certified & Well-Being Integrated
development in Al Furjan, is leading the way by minimizing its carbon footprint through the reduction of
nearly 470 metric tons of CO2 annually.


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