DLD honoured by International WELL Building Institute

The Dubai Land Department’s (DLD) building gained the “WELL Health-Safety Rating” certificate, which is
issued by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), for the second year in a row. The
accreditation comes as part of DLD’s mission to consolidate its pioneering approach in advancing health
and sustainability goals and achieving the highest international standards relating to buildings and their
quality, further confirming the department’s success in achieving key features of the rating system, such
as hygiene and sterilisation procedures, emergency preparedness programmes, innovation standards,
and others.
DLD is the first government entity in Dubai to obtain this achievement, thus affirming its vision of
strengthening the emirate’s position as the world’s premier real estate destination and a byword for
innovation, trust, and happiness, as well as contributing to prioritising the health and safety and
progressing towards creating an attractive real estate environment that enjoys the highest standards of
health, safety and sustainability, enhancing investor confidence in the internal real estate environment
and supporting health and safety systems across Dubai’s common areas.DLD’s earning of the “WELL
Health-Safety Rating” certificate came in line with the “Future of Health, Wellness & Innovation Forum”
that was organised by the department in partnership with Delos on Monday, 12th December.
The forum aimed to highlight the strength of buildings and residential communities by harnessing the
power of healthier and more sustainable structures through the integration of global standards, science-
backed policies, and relevant technology. The “WELL Health-Safety Rating” certificate is based on a set
of scientific researches that study the interrelationship between people and buildings in which they
spend 90% of their time, highlighting the effects on their health and quality of life.


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