Metropolitan Premium Properties expands to Maldives, the new luxury real estate hot spot

  • Island nation offers significant appreciation with off-plan properties and guarantees a strong rental market
  • MPP opens dedicated sales office in Dubai to showcase Maldives properties to clients

Dubai, UAE, June 25, 2024: Dubai-based Metropolitan Premium Properties (MPP), a full-service real estate agency and the Metropolitan Group’s flagship property company has announced its expansion into Maldives, a rapidly emerging destination for high-end real estate investment. MPP is focusing on the most exclusive offerings in the Maldives, including private islands, villas, and mansions, each offeringunmatched benefits and experiences for investors.

The Maldives, known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters and unparalleled privacy, is attracting a growing number of international investors seeking a prestigious addition to their portfolio or a luxurious secondary residence to vacation in.

To cater to the growing demand from its international clientele, MPP has established a dedicated sales office in Dubai to showcase the Maldives’ most exquisite properties to clients visiting the region. Dubai’s airport has emerged as a key transit hub for tourists travelling to the Maldives which makes the Dubai office an ideal location for potential investors interested in the Maldives to view investment options before traveling to their final island destination.

The Maldivian real estate market is still young, with ownership options only available for the past two years, making it a prime opportunity for investors seeking a high-growth market. Properties start from $4.35 million, offering an attractive entry point for luxury investment.

“The Maldives is emerging as a top destination for luxury vacation investments, joining the ranks of Bali and Zanzibar. We are excited to venture into this market that offers unparalleled beauty alongside a compelling investment proposition that is captivating investors globally,” said Nikita Kuznetsov, CEO of Metropolitan Premium Properties. “Our expansion into the Maldives reflects our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with exclusive opportunities in the world’s most exciting emerging markets.”

MPP has secured partnerships with four leading developers and the projects offer world-class amenities such as Michelin-star dining, exclusive beach access, golf courses, state-of-the-art fitness centres and a variety of recreational activities.

Top projects in the island nation include Mandarin Oriental Maldives, Baccarat Maldives, Zamani Islands by Atoll Estates and Soneva Maldives etc., with prices starting from $4.35 million and going up to $45 million. The projects are expected to be handed over by 2026.

“The Maldives presents a unique opportunity for investors to own a piece of this island paradise. Our team is witnessing significant interest from our clientele,” said Galyna Galytska, Head of Sales – Maldives at MPP. “Besides the beautiful white sandy beaches and pleasant climate all year-round, buyers are drawn to the Maldives’ due to the high-profile properties and the potential for significant return on investment. By using their villa for their family holidays, owners can save a significant amount over the years, avoiding the high costs of premium accommodation. Additionally, when not in use, these villas achieve a strong cash yield through rentals. Rental rates start at an impressive $2,000 per night, ensuring a lucrative income stream for property owners,” she added.

Investor interest is coming primarily from Hong Kong, China, Russia, the CIS and Europe including Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, the UK and the United States. They are predominantly seeking a combination of investment and a luxurious second home, with many planning to rent out their properties when not in use.

According to MPP, investors can expect significant appreciation on their investment with off-plan properties expected to see a minimum of 25% appreciation upon completion, while established properties offer a steady 10% annual increase in value. Also, the Maldives’ year-round tourist season and high occupancy rates guarantee a strong rental market. Rental returns are estimated to range from 5% to 15%, with an average of 7% to 9%.

Also, adding to the allure for property investors is the fact that properties are offered on a 99-year leasehold basis, with the possibility of extension at the end of the term.

For more information, please visit the website or contact +971 52 244 9895.

The Metropolitan Group in the UAE includes two full-service real estate agencies: Metropolitan Premium Properties (Dubai) and Metropolitan Capital Real Estate LLC (Abu Dhabi). The group also has Metropolitan Consulting FZE, a supporting company that provides personal and business legal services in the UAE.


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