“Skyline Builders” Marks Historic Entry into Dubai Real Estate with Avant Garde Residences, Sells 50% During Grand Opening

Dubai: In a landmark event on the 27th and 28th of January 2024, Skyline Builders, Kerala’s renowned real estate developer, marked a historic milestone with the grand unveiling of its inaugural project in Dubai – Avant Garde Residences. The event coincided with the opening of the Dubai headquarters in Downtown Dubai and witnessed an extraordinary achievement as 50% of Avant Garde Residences was sold during the grand opening.

With a legacy of 158 successfully completed projects and over 16 million square feet developed in the last 35 years in India, Skyline Builders introduced Avant Garde Residences, its inaugural project in Dubai, strategically positioned in JVC, Dubai’s top community for real estate sales in 2023. This project features 18 residential floors, 5 podiums, and a ground floor, set to house 172 meticulously designed residential apartments, including Studios, 1 and 2-Bedroom units, as well as 3 retail shops.

Anticipated to be completed by Q4 2026, Avant GardeResidences presents an investor-friendly payment plan, with only 1% due monthly during the construction period. The starting price of AED 625,000 for a Studio Apartment has already sparked keen interest, offering excellent value for money in Dubai’s real estate market.

KV Abdul Azeez, Chairman, and Managing Director at Skyline Builders, said: “Skyline’s vision for the future naturally gravitated to Dubai. The city’s progressive leadership and relentless pursuit of excellence have propelled the Emirate to become a leading international business and tourism destination. Dubai attracts global talent to its harmonious community, and we hope to become a part of Dubai’s exciting future.”

Sahl Azeez, Executive Director at Skyline Builders, said: “Witnessing the unveiling of Avant Garde Residences in Dubai is truly a momentous occasion. As we expand our brand to the dynamic Dubai market, our continued commitment to excellence and innovation will continue to be reflected in every aspect of this project, offering a high-quality living experience in the heart of JVC.”

To commemorate this historic milestone, Skyline Builders has also inaugurated a stunning show apartment for Avant Garde Residences in its Dubai headquarters in Downtown Dubai.

Spanning over 300,000 square feet, the 24-floor tower of Avant Garde Residences features an array of lifestyle amenities, including a health club, infinity pool, game room, and a children’s play area. The contemporary design, inspired by the Arabian desert and Gulf, combined with European interior influences, promises a vibrant, self-sufficient community with world-class features and amenities.

During the office grand opening in Dubai, an impressive 50% of Avant Garde Residences has already been sold, highlighting the strong demand and positive reception from the discerning Dubai real estate market.

With a legacy spanning 35 years, Skyline Builders is Kerala’s largest real estate developer, completing 158 projects across 9 cities and serving nearly 8,000 customers worldwide. The company’s commitment to integrity, customer delight, excellence, and on-time delivery has earned it prestigious awards, including the Asia Pacific International Property Award.

About Skyline Builders:

Established in 1989, Skyline Builders, led by Chairman and Managing Director KV Abdul Azeez and Executive Director Sahl Azeez, stands as a distinguished real estate developer with a legacy of 158 projects and more than 16 million square feet in its 35 years of existence. With an unwavering commitment to impeccable quality, on-time completion, and a specialisation in serving NRI clients globally, Skyline Builders has earned the trust of nearly 8,000 customers. As it expands to Dubai with the Avant Garde Residences, Skyline Builders brings its legacy of trust and excellence, aligning with Dubai’s progressive landscape and aiming to become a part of the city’s exciting future:


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