“IPS is a global crossroad for the real estate market.“:Dawood Al Shezawi, IPS President.

Can you share an overview of what the International Property Show represents in the real estate industry?

The International Property Show (IPS) isn’t just an exhibition; it’s a global crossroad for the real estate industry. We bring together developers, investors, and key players from every corner of the world, facilitating deals, sparking trends, and driving the market forward. It’s a platform for showcasing groundbreaking projects, securing prime investments, and forging invaluable connections – all under one roof.

Its lineup of 11 main activities – IPS Exhibition, IPS Conference, IPS Oscars, IPS Future Cities, IPS Connect, IPS Finance, IPS Women, IPS Youth, IPS Studio, IPS PropTech, and IPS Design – is designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience for attendees, with some of these activities to be organized not just during the three-day run of the event,but all the year round to enable continuous engagement and knowledge exchange.

Why is IPS important for businesses operating in the global market?

For businesses operating in the global market, IPS is a game-changer. It opens doors to untapped markets, diverse investment opportunities, and strategic partnerships. You can connect with potential investors, expand your brand reach, and gain unique insights into different markets across regions and continents – all the while experiencing the pulse of the global real estate landscape. IPS is where you bridge the gap between local expertise and global ambition.

More importantly, the three-day event hosts an array of visitors, including global exhibitors, investors, agents, brokers, government administrations, prop-tech companies, immigration companies, and real estate professionals. This opens up a world of networking opportunities for exhibitors and visitors alike, leading to increased activity, growth and development in the overall real estate market.

Could you provide insights into the current trends and challenges affecting the global real estate market?

Right now, the global real estate market is a fascinating mix of trends and challenges. Sustainability, green initiatives, and smart technology are at the center of the real estate revolution, shaping everything from design to construction. We also believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Proptech are going to emerge as the most potent forces affecting and changing the discourse on the future of the real estate industry.

Hence, keeping in mind the immediate need of in-depth exploration of PropTech, IPS 2024’s Conference has dedicated its whole day two to this futuristic topic. Under the theme “Prop-Tech: The Underlying Technology of the Real Estate Sector,” IPS 2024 will host panel discussions, fireside chats and presentations, covering nearly every aspect of the PropTechphenomenon.

Meanwhile, rising interest rates across the globe and geopolitical uncertainties may present hurdles, but only through collaboration and innovative solutions, we will be able to tackle these problems effectively and efficiently.

However, amidst these challenges, there’s immense potential for growth in emerging markets, niche sectors like co-living, and increased demand for flexible workspaces. The key is to stay agile, adaptable, and attuned to these evolving dynamics. IPS 2024 acts as a catalyst in this scenario, and it provides a platform to accentuate and accelerate solution-based discussions for a sustainable and successful future for the global real estate market.

Looking ahead to 2024, what are the anticipated developments and opportunities in the Dubai real estate market?

Looking ahead to 2024, the Dubai real estate market is brimming with excitement. The Expo 2020 legacy continues to propel growth, attracting foreign investment and fueling infrastructure development in line with the Dubai Economic Agenda D33.

Meanwhile, technological advancements are driving the smart city vision, attracting tech giants and startups alike. Coupled with government initiatives that foster a business-friendly environment, Dubai remains a prime destination for regional and international investors seeking secure and lucrative opportunities in the real estate sector. We anticipate a sustained demand for luxury properties, waterfront developments, and well-connected business hubs.

The IPS Exhibition will host a diverse range of local, regional and international builders and developers who will showcase their projects to a diverse audience at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Meanwhile, IPS Conference at the same time and venue, will deliver thought-provoking and solution-driven discussion on the biggest challenges and opportunities in the local, as well as global real estate landscape.

To register for the event, please visit: www.ipscongress.com


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