“Dubai’s economic success is built on a number of key factors.”: Alan James Gammon, Group COO, ACE Luxury Property

Dubai is all set to break all previous records in terms of the total value of transactions in a year. What are the major reasons for this exceptional growth, according to you?

Dubai’s economic success is built on key factors such as its strategic location, a diverse economy that goes beyond dependence on oil, and business-friendly policies with attractive tax incentives. The city’s economic strength is also driven by careful infrastructure development, a strong focus on tourism and hospitality, its role as a financial services hub, and a commitment to innovation, as seen in initiatives like Smart Dubai. These elements work together to boost economic activity, enhance transaction values, and create a vibrant business environment.

The year 2022 was great, and 2023 so far has been nothing but magical. What’s your prediction for 2024? How will the Dubai real estate market fare?

Predicting the future of financial markets, especially in real estate, is often tricky, yet the indicators are hinting at potential further growth in the Dubai’s real estate market in 2024. Ongoing projects, government efforts, and the global economy are expected to drive demand. Yet, it’s essential to recognize market fluctuations. Keeping an eye on global events and economic changes is crucial for a thorough assessment of Dubai’s real estate in the coming year. Yet the demand remains strong especially from the international community due to the stability and safety of the country. 

What are the next steps your company is planning to take in 2024 to propel growth?

In 2024, our major objective is strategic expansion, characterized by careful planning and a dedicated focus on improving client experiences. Our commitment is to boost the quality of our services, ensuring hassle-free interactions for our valued clients. We are steadfast in our pursuit of intelligent growth, aiming to provide exceptional excellence in every facet of our offerings, with further office network expansion during 2024 to enhance our client experience.


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